As I arrive in Inverness Scotland in the Scottish Highlands the home of Rob Roy Scotland s Robin Hood
a reminder of where Ill be.
come join me if you can.

  • Joe Ackerman I would, mate, but me bus pass only covers Bedford & the surrounding area. .
  • Martin Gately Sorry I can’t be there. Next time come to Nottingham, home of the actual Robin Hood!
  • Mark Mazz This will be an amazing experience, Don! If I’d known, I’d be carrying your bags! Miss you!
    The first image of the Inverness Scottish Highlands with Boabie Menzies. Don

    Tom Field You in Scotland, Don McGregor? Will you ever come back? Eager to visit you in Rhode Island when you return home. Maybe we can coax Nick Katradis up for a visit, too.
    Nick KatradisNick Katradis replieD
  • Bob Layton Boabie is a grand fellow! You are in good hands!
  • James Lundy I’ll second Bob’s sentiments.

Jose M Reyes Robert is now friends with a living legend of Marvel. A man he always admire and now both are Marvel Brothers


Boabie Menzies and me on the Ness Bridge. Looking toward Old High Church that is on a holy site founded by St. Columba 1500 years ago. Hallelujah. Don

Nirvan.  A haven of books in Inverness, Scotland.
Surrounded by enlightening words.
A deluge of ideas and ideals.

Where McGregors flourish at the McGregor Pub in Inverness. 1970s Marvel Editorial did not rule the Highlands. Well maybe Archie Goodwin did.

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