My only vague knowledge about Moulin Rouge in Paris was that half naked women were a part of whatever the show was.

I did not have a clue that 12 foot or more long Anacondas would intimidatingly share the space with me.

Marsha and I are across the street from Moulin Rouge as dusk lighting starts to claim the sky.
Is an evening at the world renowned night club worth the wait?
Don’t dare miss the answers!
Don McGregor

Steve Olle That’s where I got propositioned by a French prostitute. When I politely declined her offer, she screamed at me: “What iz zee matter with you? You no like French poo-zee?!”

Lisa Chase Yes…. it’s worth the wait

Sébastien Schenkel been living in that area, try the fish restaurant Place de Clichy and the breakfast at the Wepler Café, best milk and coffee or hot chocolate in the world, served with fresh croissants

Don McGregor Sébastien Schenkel. – we’re looking for a good place in the area for crepes.
Know one?

Sébastien Schenkel most of the creperies are in the center, crepes are a specialty from people of Britanny, and that community is not set in the North West of Paris

Jeff Runyan be wary of the fish; it’s poisson!

Don McGregor Sébastien Schenkel – The hotel said Leon de Brixelles did crepes , and Marsha managed to hike here but their specialty is mussels. They don’t do crepes, but do waffles. We’ll see. Thanks Sebastian. Don

Sébastien Schenkel waffles, fries ans mussels are typical from Belgian food, if you eat there, try their beers, Trappistes ones, made by monks since Middle Age

You may think you want to go here.

Marsha stands near the strip-tease theater across the street,
trying to entice tourists away from Moulin Rouge.
But seriously…
You don’t.
Moulin Rouge awaits only a short walk away.
Don —


Gary Lovi Thanks 4 sharing

Norma Powers Thurman · 2 mutual friends

Looks like u are have a great time.

Joe Ackerman yeah, easy on the anacondas, matey. nipples, though. nipples are good.

Steven Ringgenberg Don, when are you going to unveil your Toulouse Lautrec impression?

Sébastien Schenkel at 18, La Locomotive, the disco near the Moulin Rouge, was my lair

Marsha got us dance-floor tables for the Moulin Rouge dinner show.
A pertinent point to know.
You are not there for the band.
You are not there for the singers,
though both are fine.
And how many of the songs,
no matter what language they are sung in,
are American standards.
Made me feel like we were traveling off
77 Sunset Strip,
and we’d meet Efrem Zimbalist.Jr as Stu Bailey,private eye there.
Don McGregor

Garry Burbage Amazing, well done !!!!

Angelina Acosta This is on my bucket list.

Raghu Seetharaman Beautiful

There are no photos allowed once you are inside.
But remember, I am your undercover reporter.
Oh, and the man or woman who came up with selfie_extenders is probably rich right now!
I don’t know how many people had metal “selfie” extension poles thrusting up out of their hands to take illicit self portraits of themselves. But there were a lot.
Marsha Lee McGregor sits at the edge of the dance floor.
Neither us knows that the floor will disappear!
Don McGregor

I already told you, you are not there for the band or the singers, though they give some nice ambiance while you have your dinner.
A photo your not supposed to take inside the inner Santorum of Moulin Rouge. Marsha drinking ice chilled champagne.
But really, this also isn’t the reason.
You didn’t come for the food.
It would be shriveled goose in a dab of sauce, and comes with a fancy name you can’t pronounce. It’s fine.
But truly, it isn’t the reason you came to Moulin Rouge.
Don McGregor

The woman dance swims within their coils!
I don’t know what she gets paid to do this but..
It isn’t enough.
And these serpents aren’t torpid. They move with astounding speed, curling in amongst themselves.
Don McGregor

You won’t see this with your champagne and guinea goose dinner. At least, Marsha and I haven’t.
Don McGregor

Not sure how these are coming out, gang, but hope they did.
I’m sure you’ll let me know if they did.
Don McGregor

Norman Boyd All of your naughtiness are appearing here Don 😉

Don McGregor Norman Boyd naughtiness? Me?

My face is right against that glass tank wall!
Don McGregor

Joe Ackerman I bet it is!

Moulin Rouge is the Cirque de soleil with women allowed to prance and struct about with nipples showing in the midst of all the feathery hats and corsets and colorful plummage.

The woman swimming with anacondas may supposed to be the personification of mythical mermaid, one if you look clearly at the video wears a bra.

She just isn’t wearing a bra that conceals her nipples.

Wonder how many costumer designs were debated before that decision was made.

The Moulin Rouge extravaganza is  strikingly different from most shows of the variety format state-side, in its casual disregard for gender formality.
The homoerotic playfulness of the Singing In The Rain number is tinged with just a hint of Laurel & Hardy camaraderie.
I’m not sure what the clowns are doing there in the last of the show.
The clowns have a thankless task of competing with giant anacondas and gravity defying skaters and men who can hurl each other towards the heavens.
Marsha stands by one of the posters.
Guess you’re not supposed to hsve a picture of this either.
Do you folks want more commentary like this with the photos?
Don McGregor

Maureen Britt Absolutely! You’re a great tour guide, and I’m not sure I’ll ever get there, although I would love to someday! Keep the travelogue coming!

Omar Pineda I would.

Mark Rake Yes!

Don McGregor I’m glad some of you responded. You have no idea how long it took me to figure out how to do the anacondas swimming piece. Thought surely more would respond to that. Don

Norman Boyd You said ‘nipples’ and Facebook has not banned you…Carry on!

Don McGregor Norman Boyd – And they are in the photo.

Norman Boyd Oh, don’t worry, for some reason my old man’s eyes spotted them, thanks!

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