Don McGregor has become one of the foremost writers in comic books today. With almost thirty years of experience in the field, Don incorporates a deep understanding of human nature into his stories, blending humanity with humility and pain with glory.

He creates without compromise, making his characters' heroics poignantly real.  Don has an intense desire to know, to dare and to care about what he writes and these attributes come through in his passionate style.


It’s late.  15 minutes past Mother’s Day.
I’m tired, and this Bronchitis and whatever lingers with it has me weary.
I’ve talked with my Mom today, taking the phone away from my mouth when I coughed.  You had trouble hearing me with my hoarse voice Mom, but you seemed to understand what was being said, in a year when there were times I know you couldn’t understand, couldn’t understand what was happening to you, had time slip-stream away from you.
I was five years old and you worried about me.

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Riding Shotgun

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